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Shirley Vinock is a Speaker, Author and Instructor of Hypnotherapy at HMI, Pierce and Ventura Colleges and runs her own private practice.  


But Shirley wasn’t always a Hypnotherapist... In her twenties, she first joined Toastmasters to overcome shyness in public speaking and moved on to a 25 year career as a National Title Insurance Executive Trainer creating curriculum and leading seminars in 31 states for thousands of real estate professionals and lawyers for Fortune 500 Companies.  After flying 20 days a month for over a decade, Shirley made the decision to leave the corporate world for good and follow her heart by enrolling at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  


Changing careers did not mean Shirley had left the knowledge and experience behind.  Coming from a corporate background, Shirley understands how pervasive work and career-related matters can affect people.  She has walked in their shoes.  An executive who develops a fear of flying, driving on the freeway or riding in an elevator, a manager who does not see opportunities in a tough economy, a rising star with a fear of speaking, a writer who has writer's block, a dyslexic student who wants to pass the bar exam:  these are the clients Shirley guides and inspires.


Beyond her practice, Shirley and her husband Andrew are involved with the community through numerous local organizations including workshops on Reducing Stress and Anxiety to Connect with Success at homeless and rehab centers and she is a Board Member of the Southern California/Nevada Division of the Kidney Foundation and her professional trade organization the Hypnotherapist Union Local 472.  Shirley is involved with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s, Melanoma Research fundraisers.  She is generous of heart and spirit both and believes in giving back to local charities.  


Shirley Vinock is a Master in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Imagery, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with clinics in the Los Angeles and Ventura area.  She is a radio host of Breathing Room and author of Easy Self-Hypnosis: Minding What Really Matters. 


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